Unseen – Freedom From the Slavery of Likes – Part 6


This is part 6 of a series titled Unseen. If you are just joining, please start here.

I’ve kept meticulous mental notes. It’s been reinforced that acceptance is earned. You must prove yourself and only show the parts of you that are good enough to show. Praise became my acceptance certificate. A false acceptance.

I liked the attention of the praise. But all the attention made me desperate for more. And when it’s all about me, it‘s not at all about Him.

Today, not much is different. The praise comes in the form of silent likes. They tempt me to believe they are of value. I’ve learned they are truly worthless.

In Feelings and Faith, Brian S. Borgan says, “Consider the fear of others, manifested by peer pressure and by being a people pleaser and an approval junkie, controlled by the opinions of others. Fear of others includes an inordinate hunger for attention or relationships, the fear to speak truth, and the fear of rejection. Proverbs 29:25 says, “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe.”” (page 125)

If I received approval from the people around me, I felt ok. I believed the lie that when others liked me, the empty places in my soul would be filled.  I clung to the approval of everyone around me to determine if I accepted my own self.

As a child I didn’t understand the love God had for me. As an adult, I tend to forget.

He accepts us not based on anything we do. He accepts us based on what His Son did for us. We can’t earn His acceptance. It was given. Another earned it for us and freely gave us His acceptance badge.

He created us for more than a like. He created us to walk in freedom, not a slave to the false acceptance of tweets and shares. 

The days I find myself longing for validation from the world, negative feelings creep into my heart before I realize what is happening. So subtle and sneaky they enter.

As these thoughts threaten me, I hear Him whispering ever so gently. The whisper that tells me if I seek acceptance from the world, I will always be disappointed. The whisper that tells me if I desire the pat on the back from the world, I will miss out on the joy He has for me right this moment. The whisper that tells me He knows what I truly long for and to turn my eyes up. The whisper that begs me to get out of my own head and turn to the only one that is truth. Turn to Him, the unseen in a overly-seen world.

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