When God Shows Us A Glimpse


Rarely can I look back at my life, review the story God is writing, and see chapters where life has been a day at the beach followed by a hunger for more of Christ.  The chapters of my life that have drawn me closer to him are the ones written with tear stains covering words, sweat beads mingled with sentences, and a little bit of blood on the edges of the paper. These chapters make me appreciate the day at the beach chapters.  They make those beach chapters that much sweeter.

It’s a fight.  Life is a fight. As we are in the midst of the daily struggles, he continues writing. The story continues to unfold chapter after chapter.  He’s writing a story for me.  And he’s writing a story for you.  But there’s another story he’s writing.  It’s the one that connects each of these stories together.

When he allows me the tiniest glimpse of that story – the one he is connecting- well, I find myself overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed by grace.  I find these glimpses most often when I’m allowing myself to get uncomfortable with God.

I’m writing at (in)courage today.  Join me there for today’s post where I share one of these glimpses.

[box] Back in October I participated in a 31 day challenge of writing on one topic for a month.  This was in the midst of Seeking Christmas being released.  It was a crazy time, and God met me there.  I wrote on Getting Uncomfortable with God.  God had me in some mighty uncomfortable spots.  You can read the entire series here.[/box]

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