When You Hear of Wars and Rumors of War, Be Still & Know

A few thoughts today, friends. The news is scary, God’s Word is sure and steady. He doesn’t shake when the world shakes. He is immovable, and by His power, so are we. Stay firm, stay true, stay focused on Him more than the news. He is good and fully in control.

Here’s a video where I share a few words of encouragement.

Also, last week I released a limited edition pillowcase. The Word of the week was worry. Do not worry, be focused more on the Word than the world. Never a more fitting time for this reminder. Today is the very last day to order this pillowcase. Maybe order a few to stash away for the perfect gift when someone you care about needs this reminder.

These are pre-orders that will ship the first week of March. Order through 11:59pm 2/25/22.