5 Ways To Invest In Yourself & Why You Are Worth It

We are tempted to focus so much on sacrificing our lives for the sake of others that we actually neglect ourselves. We fall in bed exhausted, run ourselves ragged straight into the doctor’s office, or simply feel we have no time, energy, or money left after we’ve given to everyone else.

I’ve discovered that investing in myself is actually not selfish like I once believed. It is life-giving to me and to everyone I do life with.

There are 5 key ways I’m finding help me invest well in myself so I can offer the best of me to the world around me.

Before I share 5 ways to invest in you, I may need to remind you why you are worth it.

Join me for the rest of today’s post!

How to Help Your Kids Screen Less and Read More – A Free Gift!

This prize pack has my kids reading for hours. More peace and quiet, less screens, and less fighting. Win!

Create an intentional summer the easy way – some of my favorite summer posts on life, memories, traditions, and experiences

Summer brings mixed emotions for some people. Summer living CAN be easy but sometimes the Pinterest pressure to create never-ending bucket lists and expensive experiences feels overwhelming. We see pictures of our friends on social media taking trips and living lives that we can’t live.

I want to encourage you today that an intentional life can be simple and full in a beautiful way. Don’t miss a moment because the moments fly. Lord wiling, we get 18 summers with our kids. This is the time of year the hashtag #dontblink begins to pop up on every post.

As we conclude school years, we are reminded how fast time moves. With that reminder comes a mix of excitement and overwhelm at what that means for summer.

Today I share 7 of my favorite summer posts I’ve written over the years. It was fun to see how much I’ve changed over the course of the years in my writing, but the heart of what I love to write about remains the exact same. As I read through these posts, I was so grateful for living with deep intention in these years. Many of these posts were written in the toddler, preschool, and early elementary years. We are now entering high school, middle of middle school, and end of elementary. I blinked for sure, but I feel grateful for seeing it all.

How to literally rest on the Word of God

I want to take intentional living to higher grounds. There is a reason God instructs us to talk about Him with our kids when we lie down and rise up, when we walk along the road and when we sit together at home. There is a reason He tells us to write His Word on our doorposts. To become wholehearted in a godless culture takes intention. Today I share a story of how our family has used God’s Word to literally learn to rest on the Word of God and how you can do the same.

I’m so fearful to share this with you, so here goes!

My face still flushes when I remember the story I share with you today. The best way to overcome embarrassment is to expose yourself to it, right? I think the same is true with fear. I’m sharing something with you today I’ve wanted to share for quite some time. But I’m scared. I’m scared I’ll fail and be humiliated right in front of your eyes.

At the same time, if you are a reader here, we’ve grown a trust between us. You are a close community to me, and I feel I can expose my heart to you. I trust you will hold it with tender care. So thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable with you.

Join me for today’s post. I have a story to share that will give you a chuckle and an announcement to make which I’m holding my breath until you’ve finished reading.

About disappointment and the moment that almost was

Some moments in life are right there. Right within our reach. We see it, we are touching it. It’s almost….then it’s gone. And like that it’s gone before we ever held it. Or we held for a moment, only to have to release it before it belonged fully to us.

How do you handle the disappointments in life? And there are many. Today I share a story of a trivial disappointment the Lord used to reveal to me the deeper moments I have walked through and will walk through. Join me for today’s post.