Will You Be a Part of the Illuminate Community?

I attended a conference where we each received a light. The lights dimmed into dark. One light from the stage glowed. Then each attendee’s light began to glow together. The stadium radiated light. The light overcame the dark. As believers when we put our lights together, the forces of darkness fall. I’m inviting you to […]

It’s Time To Take Back Ground – Are You With Me?

“What if what we need….is to go back to remembering who God is?” The weight of that question laid over us like the blankets cocooning us against the howling Lake Michigan wind. Huddled like teens away at camp, the questions from deep within bounced back and forth between us. With tenderness we held the holiness […]

Are you ready for a breakthrough & ready to push back the dark? It’s time to illuminate!

  NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! CLICK THE PICTURE OR HERE TO PURCHASE What is it? A 14 day, focused devotional experience centered on the character and heart of God. It’s audio. Because life is busy and the stack of books piling up on your nightstand are reminding you of this fact. You commute to work, […]

How to solve impossible problems and situations

“I can’t do it. I’m so frustrated. I’m not good at this.” “You can do it. Just take a deep breath.” “Every time I try to solve it, I get it wrong.” I can relate. I sat on the edge of my son’s bed, peering over his shoulder at the math lesson on the screen. […]

8 Simple Ways to Get Life Back on Track

I’m not going to lie. Winter in Nebraska was hard for our family. The winter seasons of our lives usher in discouragement and doubt, creating a sense of urgency to change everything and quick. In the never-ending winter, I was tempted to make drastic changes, yet I knew it wasn’t wise. Instead of making drastic […]

If you believe this, it could change your life

I can’t think of a time I’ve felt compelled to drop everything and write. Immediately. Right now. Because it is that important. I’m also aware that I broke numerous grammar rules, which I always find funny about how I write considering I’m a rule follower. I digress. When God shows me something, I feel this […]