God dares us to test Him in this. Are you willing?


“10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

Malachi 3:10

Can I trust God with my money?

We began tithing at the beginning of our marriage and walk with the Lord. A friend challenged us to make tithing the very first check we wrote each month. She shared, “God’s math isn’t our math. The numbers will never work out on paper. But trust Him and give Him your first 10%.”

We didn’t have the money to tithe we thought. It didn’t fit in our budget. We were scared if we gave money to the church, we’d go without. Or we wouldn’t have enough for the down payment we saved for. We had yet to learn God supplied all our needs and could be trusted with even our money.

But we went for it and began tithing.

How much should we tithe?

We later asked a mentor couple if we should tithe based on our net or gross pay. After all, we didn’t bring home the gross pay. Did God actually expect us to give based on a grossed up number?

Our mentor simply replied, “Well, do you want God’s gross or His net?”

We increased our tithing and never looked back. We never missed a tithe check. And God has never failed to provide.

During this time, I heard a sermon by Chip Ingram that shifted my perspective on provision. Basically provision didn’t match up to the American dream. It didn’t mean multiple cars and televisions.

Fast forward 18 years to where we are today.

Clearing space

God has asked our family to declutter our life and simplify. As we embarked on this journey, I discovered more waste than I knew existed in our lives.

I believe we have been missing the intimacy of watching our Father supply all our needs. We’ve been living in the land of plenty and failing to look for His gifts of provision. He’s provided all along. But since we haven’t been living sacrificially, we’ve been missing the gift of noticing.

Taking the challenge to increase giving

I’ll admit, I love a challenge. I get bored easily and need change frequently. Either I need to rearrange furniture. Or I need to start a new business. I’m kidding. Sort of.

I am always looking for newness. Not sure what that says about me. But I truly love change, and when that change comes with a challenge, I’m up for taking it. When that challenge means seeing God with fresh eyes, I’m all in!

When we prayed about how much God wanted us to increase our tithe by, He gave the same number to both Steve and me. I’ll be honest, the number made me feel scared to death. It meant so much had to change in our lives. Areas of comfort we would need to release. But the night of the advance commitment at our church, the Holy Spirit prompted Steve to increase the amount we agreed on. When he leaned over and whispered to me, I felt my stomach rising into my throat. My first thought was, “That is impossible.” Truly, it was impossible.

Yet, this I know….with God, all things are possible. The more I pondered the number, the more I realized only by committing to something beyond our abilities would we see God move and do more than we could imagine asking Him for.

Let’s get uncomfortable.

We need to be uncomfortable. We need to be stretched. We need to live a life of sacrifice.

What I’m about to share may sound silly to you, but I’m sharing it because I  have to give God glory. God does not do for us in order that we hoard the blessings of seeing Him at work.

This process makes me truly seek God. I’m seeking Him all day long. Lord, where will you show up today? Rather, where will I have eyes to see You show up today? He never leaves us, we simply fail to see Him.

Keeping Lists of Gifts of Provision

We’ve started to keep a list of gifts of provisions. Beginning the day after we committed to a season of sacrificial giving, God began to pour out little gifts everywhere we turned.

The first thing we did when we tackled simplifying was to eliminate all costs and bills possible. Even the tiny ones. We ended our family gym membership. We stopped subscriptions to things like Dollar Shave Club. We stopped eating out almost completely. You get the picture.

Right after cancelling our Dollar Shave membership, my razor fell in the shower and the handle broke. So I began sharing with Steve and just exchanging the razor head before he needed to use it. It sounds extreme, but I thought, why spend $10 on a new razor when this will suffice.

How God has provided in sweet, little ways:

  • Within a few days a box showed up with a free brand new razor, shaving cream, and a coupon for the first refill.

God’s provision for my insignificant need. God cares for even the tiniest of details.

  • I dropped Andrew and Zachary at the golf course. They decided they wouldn’t rent a push cart in order to save the money. They paid for their round of golf and the pro asked if they wanted to rent carts. The boys replied no. The pro responded, “Today, carts are on me.”

God’s provision. God’s gift. They didn’t need it, but God gifted it anyway through the generosity of this man.

  • We cut eating out from the budget. Jacob got a receipt for a free sandwich he gave to Steve for his lunch at work.

God’s provision and gift.

  • I noticed my gas tank on empty. I filled the tank and went to grab the receipt. The amount was half what I expected. Apparently, I had rewards built up.

God’s provision and gift.

  • Steve and I wanted a date night. A friend told me about a favorite restaurant. We discovered they had $4 apps during happy hour. We had a record cheap date night and a great time together.

God’s provision and gift.

  • I spent my morning returning things we bought and didn’t really need. As I pulled into the parking lot, I received an email for $10 off dog food and it “just so happened” the email arrived as I sat outside that particular store, right when we needed dog food.

God’s provision and gift.

I could go on with this list and it’s only been a week. Here’s my point. I’ve missed seeing God at work like this.

Simplifying and decluttering to see God work

My life has been so filled with material possessions, full schedules, and clutter despite my best efforts to declutter that I’ve failed to see the sweetness of God pouring in all the little things we need.

It’s drawing me into Him in a sweet, intimate way.

I want a heart that loves God more than anything in this world. When I see Him all over my day, I begin to fall in love all over again.

The timing couldn’t be better to see God anew. We are entering a season that is simply about Him. Yet, commercialism and materialism will surround us. We will be tempted to fill our homes with decor to match our instagram feeds. We will be tempted to overspend at Christmas in order to keep up with the world around us.

It’s a time of year to focus on appreciating all we have, mostly Jesus. The most sacrificial gift given in the history of the world.

This year I’m entering the season with a heart prepared to receive my King. I’m making room for Him in the inn of my own heart. I’m clearing space to see Him, hear Him, and receive all the gifts of simply being loved by the King of the Kings.

Do you want to enter this season full of peace and contentment? Do you want to simply rest in Him rather than race with the world?

I invite you to download Illuminate – Seeing God by the Light of His Word. It’s a 14 audio devotion that will quiet your soul. It will remind you exactly who He is. It will remind you to remember Him. And when you remember Him, you will be less inclined to keep pace with the world.

audio devotional

You will fear less, stress less, rest more, and be quieted by His love.

Don’t wait for Christmas to give a gift to a friend or loved one who could use some soul quieting as we enter this season. Take them along for the journey with you.

And if you are new around here, you might not know but I wrote a family Christmas devotion titled Seeking Christmas – Finding the True Meaning Through Family Traditions. It’s a 7 day devotion created for the busy family to create simple activities and traditions centered on Jesus.


It’s my birthday and I want to give you a gift!



No need to wait til Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Small Business Saturday to get ahead on your Christmas shopping.

  • Get those teacher gifts taken care of now.
  • Keep a gift stash on hand for the last minute gifts you need.
  • Simplify your life by shopping online and avoiding the rush.
  • Save money.
  • Give gifts with meaning that will encourage and inspire the one who receives.
  • Give the Word of God, which will never return void.
  • Give gifts with messages of hope.
  • Give them gifts they are likely already using, but now with reminders of God’s love.
  • Witness with these gifts.
  • Shine a light when you give.

What customers are saying:

“I just received the first one I ordered. Better than I even imagined! Love it!!”

“Thank you for these beautiful pillow cases. What an incredible ministry for families.”

“I want to thank you for the beautiful pillowcase you made for my uncle. I am so sad to say he passed away last week. Your pillowcase and the fact that he was resting his head on it near the end of his life gives me hope he found Jesus before he passed.

I just wanted you to be encouraged that what you’re doing matters. Your ministry through creativity matters.
It blessed me and has given me great comfort during this time of incredible grief and sadness.

Thank you for all you do. Please don’t ever stop!”


Here’s a few ideas for you:

Mason Gift Jar

Add a flour sack tea towel or scripture pillowcase, thoughtful note, a tea bag, a gift card, and maybe a little sweet treat. Wrap with twine, and you are good to go.

  • teacher gift
  • thank you gift
  • welcome to the neighborhood
  • get well soon

Go bless your neighbors.

Wrap up a pound cake or loaf of bread with a flour sack tea towel and tie with twine. Remind them they are loved by God. We could all use a little more kindness and blessing spread around.


Take a meal

Take a meal and give a sweet reminder they keep. It’s small. It’s simple. It’ll mean the world.

You can shop right here!

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When you shop at my shop on either platform, you are directly supporting this ministry and my family. If you read my previous post, you saw a little glimpse into where our family is headed over the next 2 years. We have committed to giving in a way that is beyond our means because we are trusting in God to provide. We’ve asked God to use our family as a funnel of blessing. When you purchase through me, you are being used of God in bigger ways than you or we will ever know!!

Thank you for your love and support to my family. Thank you that you have journeyed with me all these years. I’m blessed by by you!

22 Ways to simplify, declutter, & organize your life

“Simplicity is the secret to seeing things clearly.”

Oswald Chambers

Simplify and Declutter Your Life

Sometimes I feel God speaks to me in themes. The current theme is simplicity.

I’ve always had a bit of a less is more mentality. I try to keep my home clutter free. I like clean lines and white space.

The more clutter in my physical world, the more my soul begins to suffocate. My mind becomes distracted. My focus dwindles.

When I walk into a store with shelves filled to capacity, I want to flee. But when I enter a store with less inventory and wide open clean shelves, I take a deep breath and settle into the surroundings.

Urge to Purge

I declutter my home constantly. When I fill up bags to donate or trash, I feel the weight on my soul release with it.

My urge to purge increases when the clutter, the stuff, and the schedule press in.

Last spring our appliances began breaking one after another. One by one we replaced them with the most basic models you could find. And it felt freeing. A washing machine with 3 knobs and a start button. Simple. Less to clean, less to break. A vacuum that has an on/off switch. That is all. Simple. No filters to replace, just a bag. No 10 hoses and attachments to figure out and store. Simple.

So I’ve felt the Lord directing me to simplify everywhere I turn. I don’t know why, but I’ve learned He can be trusted and He wants good for me. So I’m following His lead.

What exactly do I mean when I say simplify?

A little of getting rid of things.

A little of limiting choices.

A little of choosing less.

A lot of clearing space. Space in schedule, home, mind, and soul.

By doing this I’m discovering hours of wasted time and dollars are mine to claim.

Here are 22 ways I’m simplifying my life.

  1. Set up subscription service – I run out of dog food once a month, so I set up subscription through Amazon Prime. It costs me less, saves time, and limits running around. Same with my  supplements. There are several things we buy repeatedly that we can set on a free subscription service. This is one less thing for me to remember and one less reason to have to hop in the car.
  2. Limit errands – On that note, limiting my errands in general saves time. Our dry cleaner offers free pick up and delivery service. When I run out of supplies around the house, we are simply going without until the next store trip. No more running out each time we need something.
  3. Autopay bills- Many of us do this already, but I’m finding I can autopay almost everything and decrease my bill paying time.
  4. Grocery delivery – I’ve used the Wal-Mart pick up service for quite awhile now. And my local grocery store delivers free or almost free depending on the bill. But now Whole Foods and Costco deliver. The options are expanding and almost all offer free delivery now. This saves a ton of time and money.
  5. Set a monthly menu- In the past I spent a good deal of time meal planning and attempting to get creative with our meals. But I’m in a season of needing to think less on less important items. So I’ve been using a dry erase board and planning a month of simple and well loved meals. At the end of the month, we start over. No need to create a new menu. It can be tweaked as needed.
  6. Set dinner theme nights – Soup Sunday, Mexican Monday, Tuscany Tuesday, etc. Basically it gives me a framework for a soup, tacos, spaghetti, etc. The next week instead of tacos it might be enchiladas. Instead of spaghetti maybe canneloni.
  7. Limit options – I’ve been tossing stuff I’ve kept that offer me options I don’t need. I don’t need 12 coffee cups to choose from. I don’t need 3 pairs of black boots. When my home and life have too many options, I’m wasting time deciding rather than doing what needs to be done.
  8. Capsule wardrobe – I so badly want to do this. I haven’t yet, but I’m moving in that direction. After my recent closet purge I went a step further. Each time I select something to wear, I select something to donate, sell, or trash. Once a day something leaves that closet.
  9. When something comes in, something must go out – When I buy something, I try to get rid of something so we don’t accumulate more stuff. If I receive a new scarf as a gift, I select one to donate.
  10. Unfollow people– While my physical surroundings clutter my soul, so does my social media surroundings. I’m becoming very selective in who I follow.
  11. Unsubscribe to emails – A cluttered inbox is my enemy. I receive far too many junk emails. Instead of simply deleting, I’m going a step further and choosing to unsubscribe.
  12. Purge – Get rid of everything you don’t love or use. I am a major purger. I purge constantly. But I’m becoming even more so these days. If I don’t absolutely love it, if it doesn’t hold serious value to me, it’s out.
    1. I’ve been selling on Poshmark and really love how simple it is to sell there. Highly recommend. Less time consuming than others I’ve tried.
  13. Daily Purge – This is different than a massive closet purge. I’ve started purging every single day in some area. Not as a big project. If I’m cooking dinner, I open the kitchen utensil drawer and it is filled with items I never use. I take one thing out to toss. When I open my drawer of running pants, it’s filled with ones I never use. I’ll select one pair and toss. Basically every drawer, closet or space is filled with unneeded items. Instead of waiting for the time to purge it all, I’m purging in baby steps one item at a time.
  14. Get rid of storage – Last year we converted a storage closet into my writing room/office. I basically tossed everything in that storage space. We have another storage space and I recently did the same thing. We now have nothing in storage except a few boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations. It is so freeing to be rid of stuff even out of sight.
  15. Stop shopping – If I go shopping chances are I’ll buy something. I’m not a big shopper anyway. But if I simply don’t go, I won’t know what I could’ve bought. It’s better to not even see it existed than to see it and start wanting it.
  16. Choose carefully who you follow. Choose not to follow anything or anyone who causes you to want more than you need. I hesitate to say this, but for me, I can’t follow too many lifestyle bloggers. Only because what begins to happen in my heart. I find myself “needing” things to keep up with latest trends and it’s just not good for me.
  17. Prebuy gifts and keep a gift stash – Not only does this help me save money but it also saves me time. When I see great items on sale I pick them up and keep them until they are needed.
  18. Keep stash of gift cards on hand – I’ve started keeping small gift cards on hand. I give gift cards often as thank you or appreciation gifts. Most don’t expire, so it saves me time to keep a stash on hand.
  19. Sort, trash, and put away mail immediately – If I retrieve the mail, I sort on the way inside and toss all junk and catalogues before they come in the house. Then I immediately open and file mail.
  20. Stop doing the things you don’t love despite what others do. I found myself dreading the fall decorating, then putting away, then Christmas decorating, and putting away. And all the boxes I had to store. I had beautiful decorations but it took me so much time to bring them out and so much space to keep them. Last year I finally donated all my decorations. It had become a chore not a joy, which is how I knew it was time to go.
  21. Social media fasts – I find taking periodic social media fasts declutters my soul and my mind. It’s a good reset button for me.
  22. Screen fasts – As a family we take total screen fasts for various periods of time. It might be a week or a month. But during that time we all gain time back we realized we’d lost. I’ve written on this for years and you can find screen posts by going to the side bar, scrolling through Categories to Electronics.

Decreasing the clutter and simplifying our lives leaves room in our soul for what matters most.  I don’t know about you, but my soul often begins to whisper it needs room to breathe. When I let go of the stuff around me, I begin to feel like a new person.


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When You Are Ready To Quit

Recently I panicked. Completely. Everything I worked so hard to do seemed to be more than I could handle. Everywhere I turned I felt I was failing someone or somewhere. I couldn’t return phone calls, follow up on important tasks.

The weight of homeschooling, running 2 businesses, writing, and simply being wife, mom, friend, volunteer, etc seemed to come down on me like a heavy weight. The pace I’d been running was unsustainable.

Here’s what I started to do. Find my escape route. My reason out. My excuse to quit everything. This is what happens when my margin narrows. It pushes on my soul, and I feel I’m suffocating.

I asked Steve and one friend to pray with me. After my panic settled over me, His peace flooded my soul. He began to speak. The rest of the week, I took it in. I continued moving forward. I didn’t actually quit anything. I just moved slowly.

God showed me 2 things.

I’m addicted to the high moments, the spiritual mountain tops, the big wins. I love change and challenges. I feed on the adrenaline rush in these times. I need newness, and when the new wears down and the hard kicks in, I begin to squirm.

I’m afraid of success. This sounded ridiculous to me the first time I heard it listening to The Secret Code of Success. In fact I retold that part of the book to Steve pridefully. “That is NOT me.”

Turns out I have some unidentified fears. It wasn’t that I actually feared success exactly. It is that when I reach a point that feels like success, I become scared of the higher expectations I’ll need to live up to. I’m afraid of failing at yet another thing. Yet, I claim I’m not afraid to try and fail.

Here’s what I discovered. I reach a point of success, and I want the control. So if I back out gracefully, it is on my own terms. I didn’t actually fail. The pride runs deep, my friends. I’m so grateful God’s not through with me yet.

The entire week God held me in a state of peace. One evening I read The Tortoise and the Hare to Andrew. We have the version from a Chick-fil-A kids meal so many years ago. I could just sense God reminding me to keep that steady pace. It’s ok if I don’t run a sprint. I just need to keep going at a pace I can manage.

When I faced resistance I began to doubt God’s direction to me. I began asking God if He was sure.

I don’t know if you do this too. But I will know I’ve heard God. I follow the direction He’s leading, but then I want continued reassurance every few steps. When I trip or stumble I immediately believe I heard wrong. I begin to question everything I thought I knew.

When we moved to Nebraska in 2017, a friend told me to journal everything God told me during the preparation and transition. She said I would need the reminders when we settled in. We’d begin to question why we found ourselves in the middle of the country so far from everything we’ve ever known. She was right. I referred to my prayer journal often in those first 6 months.

I need to spend more time remembering and less time second guessing. It’s not that God changed what He said. I’ve just forgotten. The more time I spend in His Word, the quicker I am to distinguish His voice from the bellowing of the world.


I spend a little less time writing these days since I’ve followed God’s direction in starting 2 businesses. One is right here on the blog. If you click on Shop you can find much of what’s been keeping me busy.

I would be so appreciative if you supported me by sharing my shop with your friends and family.

Christmas is around the corner. Maybe your gift list includes people in need of reminders of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

My newest addition is my favorite to this point. It’s a luxurious, velveteen, zipper-closured pillowcase. The only problem is you may find it harder to get out of bed in the morning.


A few of my favorite items to help you journal your thoughts, prayers, ideas, lists and all the things.

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You are so often in my thoughts and prayers. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed at the community, friendship, and loyalty you offer me. It’s a noisy online world and you are still here with me. This blog is the only thing I didn’t consider quitting.

Thank you for the notes you send. And thank you for sharing with your friends and family and social media.



Who’s Stealing Your Joy?

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.”

Psalm 51:12

Go back with me to the eve of Christmas Eve several years ago.

The dark of night descended, all boys settled into the routines of bedtime. I escorted Andrew to his room for stories and snuggles. His open blinds reminded me to close them. I reached for the cord and stopped. “Whose van is in our driveway?” I shouted from upstairs.

No one answered back. The van in our driveway was white. My van was silver. Steve drove my van to work that day to get the oil changed. Where was my van and whose was this?

I went flying down the stairs demanding an answer. When I wouldn’t let up, Steve released a sigh, handed me a tiny box, and said, “Merry Christmas.” The tiny box held a set of keys. The keys to a brand new van. The keys I was to unwrap the next morning.

I ruined the surprise. I stole his joy.

It was a once in a lifetime kind of surprise. We are used car kind of people. Steve bought me a brand new, white Honda Odyssey. Steve’s love language is gifts. Steve receives more joy in giving gifts than receiving. Steve loves to spoil me and shower me if I let him. I’m much too practical and budget-minded, so I stifle his desires to pour out his love language on me at times.

I raced outside to see my elaborate gift. For me all the excitement was the same. This wasn’t the case for Steve. I’d stolen his joy unintentionally. And I’m much too clueless to have discovered the gift and played along because it never crossed my mind he would give that type of gift.

Have you ever faced a time you felt your joy was stolen? Not simply that you lost your joy, but it was taken right from you?

This is what the enemy is out to steal from us. Our joy.

I battle against this frequently. The enemy is constantly attempting to steal my joy. And yours.

When I teach my kids, it doesn’t take long to see the enemy’s plays.

The fight is exhausting. Fighting the same battle over and over again wears us down. The battle wages in our minds.

Do you find yourself fighting to maintain your joy?

The enemy uses his same schemes over and over again. The more we know who God is, the more we recognize when the enemy is assaulting us.

We can fight back by putting on our armor and picking up our sword. Claiming authority over the enemy in the name of Jesus. Our identity is in Christ. Our joy is found in Him. We need to pray and ask Him to restore the joy of our salvation. We need a shift of perspective. Our eyes on Him.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve written and recorded a devotion on releasing our fears and anxieties by learning to see God for who He is. It’s a practice in remembering who He is and keeping our eyes on Him. It’s called Illuminate. Download your copy today for only $5.

Find out more here and listen to a sample.

audio devotional
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When the Seasons Change. And When They Stay Too Long.

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits,”

Psalm 103:2

Last winter I lived my first Midwest winter. I’ve always been cold-natured, so I was quite terrified how I’d fare. I did decent until winter seemed a bit too cozy to make its exit plan. Fall has always been a favorite season of mine, but I’ve found myself dreading it because I know the looming winter in the draft of fall’s race.

Steve offered me a perspective shift. I’m convinced we all need people in our lives who will alter our perspective. He reminded me how I moaned and groaned at the end of Southern summers. I itched to put out pumpkins, prepare soups in the crockpot, and lounge in my hoodie. Yet, it would be 90 degrees sometimes all the way until October. There were Thanksgivings we wore shorts. And I complained.

We move to the Midwest. Basically winter here is like summer in the south as far as the length of the season. Same problems.

I’m in a new season of life. Maybe you are too. Some seasons of life feel like they hang unwelcome far too long. Until they pass. Then we look over our shoulder and long to go back.

I find I reflect back on prior seasons with a sense of romanticism. Wanting to go back to a time when….Believing times were better when….If only I could…..

When my soul is crowded, there is a sense of discontentment. A longing unfilled because there’s too much clutter and noise.

I looked back at old journals, a habit I have. I found writings from previous August and Septembers. I had the same struggles then. Little time to write, shallow feeling quiet times, a longing for more quiet in my life, a need for more structure yet finding the new rhythms hard to adjust to. When I think back on past fall seasons, I don’t remember them the way I recorded them.

I remember differently than life actually happened at times.

Why am I remembering seasons not the way they actually happened? Why am I thinking I have it harder now and believing I should go back to a time when life served me better?

The Lord brought a passage of scripture to mind.

I stopped walking. I stood frozen. My heart gasped. I am an Israelite.

“If only the LORD had killed us back in Egypt,” they moaned. “There we sat around pots filled with meat and ate all the bread we wanted. But now you have brought us into this wilderness to starve us all to death.” Exodus 16:3

How quickly they forgot what their previous life was actually like. How quickly they forgot the misery, hardship, and the goodness of the God who saved them by His mighty hand.

I’m no different.

I have seen the hand of God, the work of His miracles. I’ve watched Him care for me, deliver me, love me radically. And yet the moment I don’t feel the way I want to feel, I incline my ear to the whispers of the enemy.

The enemy throws hard his taunting darts at my head.

You’re failing.

You need to make a change.

You’ve missed your opportunity.

You aren’t important.

You can’t keep doing what you are doing.

Look at everyone else. They are doing it right.

The enemy is full of lies, doubt, fear, worry, anxiety. There is NO truth in him. Not an ounce. He’s a lie from beginning to end.

God is total truth. God is steady.

My Lord and my God. He is all I need. He has given me all I need.

I find the moment I’m too comfortable the Lord moves me into a new assignment. One that requires I lean more into Him than me. That is where I am right now. Again.

How about you? Do you find you long to sit in the place you feel most comfortable?

Lord, we confess we forget your goodness. We forget the work of your mighty hand. We forget who you are. May we remember. Lord, help us forget not your benefits. You are radically, wildly in love with us simply because you are love. You give based on who you are not what we do. Lord, we love you. Grow us in our faith. Make our minds steady and strong.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve written and recorded a devotion on releasing our fears and anxieties by learning to see God for who He is. It’s called Illuminate. Download your copy today for only $5. I truly believe it will bless your soul. The Lord has used it repeatedly in my life since writing it. I go back and listen and find He speaks fresh all over again.

Find out more here and listen to a sample.

audio devotional


If you want to connect with me beyond the blog, you can find me on Instagram and Pinterest. I’d love for you to follow me there. Instagram is where I share shorter insights and daily inspiration and encouragement for the journey the Lord has you on.If you’d like to receive these blog posts via email, hop over here where you will receive some fun downloads.

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Books I’ve Read This Year and Why We Read Aloud

I love reading. It’s my favorite hobby for sure. If you ask my kids what I would do if I had free time, they know the answer. I’d read.

I read a mixture of non-fiction and historical fiction. But my favorite has become books for children. I guess that’s why when I read this quote by CS Lewis, I nodded emphatically along.

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” CS Lewis

When my boys were babies, thankfully iphones weren’t around. When we went to the grocery store, I put a book in their hands. They were mesmerized. At home I read to them before they were able to understand a word I read. I loved simply holding them and reading. It was soothing for each of us.

As they moved into toddler and preschool years, we’d sit for long stretches of time reading. Mostly, because I didn’t like to play. I did play. But given the option, I’d read any day.

So we’d grab piles of books and sit on the couch and read story after story after story. We’d read sometimes an hour at a time.

When they were old enough to read on their own, I continued reading aloud to them before bed. They never wanted me to stop. They seemed to get more out of this time than I realized in all the years of reading.

Here we are in high school, middle school, and elementary school and we are still reading together. When I asked Jacob recently what his favorite part of homeschool has been, he answered “that first year when we’d sit on the screened in porch together, reading books and eating snacks.”

I’ve also discovered a little secret to ending sibling bickering in the car. Audible books! We become engrossed in the story and no on argues. It’s glorious!

I thought I’d share what I’ve read this year. This isn’t a book review. But if they are on the list, I’d recommend them for the most part. Some more than others to be sure. But I have many I quit this year. Time is too short to read bad books.

Here’s a list of the books I’ve read so far in 2018.

Adult Historical Fiction

(Each book listed in this category I’d highly recommend)

The Nightingale

The Mark of the King

Before We Were Yours


(I loved each of these for different reasons. All very good!)

The Magnolia Story
Capital Gaines

Business boutique

The Secret Code to Success


Adult Fiction

The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers


(These weren’t my all time favorites but I’m glad I read them. Especially glad I read the love languages. I needed a refresher.)

Mere Motherhood

The Lifegiving Home

The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers

The Way They Learn (Not really a parenting book, but for parents to understand their kids’ learning styles. Not just for the homeschoolers either!)

Christian Living

(These both are in the life changing category for me. Prayer I’ve read twice! I never do that.)

Experiencing the Spirit – Henry Blackaby

Prayer-Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God – Timothy Keller



Where the Red Fern Grows (possibly my favorite all time in children’s book)
My Father’s Dragon
Little Women ( I actually just read this for myself. It is my childhood favorite)
Sign of the Beaver
Sword of Rhema (We LOVE this series. This was book 3.)
Vanderbeekers of 141st Street
Green ember
Ember falls
Ember rising

(The Green Ember Series goes down as a favorite in the family. Highly recommend the Audible version. The narration is incredible and really brings the story to life. This is how we read the entire series.)

The lion the witch and the wardrobe


School Reads

Darwinist Dilemna

Path to the Pacific

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