The value of both work and play – and why God told me to get back to work

I’ve been feeling in a bit of a funk these days. Restless, discontent, lacking gratitude, desire, and proper motivation. I’ve not wanted to be either productive or fun. Just blah. I knew I couldn’t stay here too long because it only grows deeper with time. I began praying and asking God to help. It didn’t make sense. I’m on “vacation”. I’m not stressed. What was happening? God brought me the answer. He literally met me right where I was, with my nose buried in a book. He told me what the problem was and what my next step should be.

Join me for today’s post where I share a story and hopefully help you when you face a season of discontentment and restlessness.

This is real love

When you think of Christmas, what are the first words that come to your mind? Go ahead, list them off. I’m guessing love found its way in your list.

The human heart was created by God to need love. We thrive when we feel loved. We feel dead when love lacks. A wilted plant raises to life when nurtured and cared for just as our souls are revived when we accept and receive love.

But what is love? The Bible tells us what real love is. As I read the verse recently, the line struck me. “This is real love….”

Join me for today’s post and ready your heart to allow real love to wash over you.

I’m giving myself permission to be unbusy

Busy doesn’t make us important. Busy steals our margin. Margin is necessary for a soul to breathe with ease, for a spirit to hear God speak, for a calendar open enough to accept a last minute invite from one who simply needs a friend to sit with.

How’s your margin these days? Are you plagued with all the “have-tos”? Do you feel guilty when you decline an invitation? Do you feel pressured to do all the things everyone else is doing? Do you wish you could slow down even for a short while?

Well, maybe you can. Seasons shift. They don’t stay forever. Join me for today’s post where I share how I began to sense God calling me back into a season of quiet.

Why starting with the end matters

I couldn’t fathom why my husband and son wanted to watch a recorded football game they’d watched intensely only the night before. I asked Andrew about it, and his answer spoke volumes to me about how I engage with my life on a day to day basis. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days now. Join me for the rest of today’s post on why starting with the end matters.

What God Really Promises vs What We Think He Promises

Have you ever expected one outcome only to receive something completely outside any and all expectations? Of course you have. We all have. That’s simply life. If we aren’t careful, we find ourselves discouraged or feeling abandoned by God. We may even think He’s failed in His promises. But He has never failed us and He never will.

As I began this post, it became something completely different than I’d intended to write. God changed my direction and flooded my mind with His Words. I yielded to Him and let Him direct today’s post. Maybe it was just for you today. I trust God has a good word for you today. He loves you more madly than you know.

Join me for today’s post as we ponder what we sometimes unknowingly believe God has promised compared to what He actually promises us.

When I Need a Spiritual Recharge Do I Remain or Flee?

Some of the “strengths” we rely on can be affronts to God. For me it shows up as an independent spirit and self-sufficiency. An “I’ve got this” attitude or a failure to ask for help because I can manage just fine. Inside something begins to decay. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Jesus tells us a simple secret that many of us fail to respond to in our culture that holds busy on a pedestal. Join me for today’s post where I share a story of seeking God and within moments the picture He showed me of how to recharge my spiritual life. And by spiritual life, I mean the very essence of our life.