Do Facts Matter? Light vs Dark. Agitation over evil.

As promised I’m sharing here on the blog posts I’ve written on various social media platforms. I’ll be sharing these throughout the week in the event you’ve been on a social media fast. Happy reading! Remember the line from A Few Good Men…..”You can’t handle the truth!” Last year I heard Dennis Prager of PragerU […]

Reclaiming peace by silencing the clamoring world

I’ve learned to trust that voice when it whispers a suggestion to silence the clamoring of the world. My soul reached a point of fatigue. The constant barrage of fake news and the assault of emotionally charged stories with a sole purpose to incite us persevered.
So I took a fast from social media, news, videos, documentaries, all of it. I feel like a new human. And God spoke and I heard with clarity, which had been the prayer of my heart. Join me for today’s post where I share the experience of my digital detox and how God spoke.

Are we like a frog in hot water

I have a story to share and a point to make. Stick with me. After 3 months of undergoing a full bathroom renovation, I anxiously anticipated my first bath in the new tub. The tub is much smaller than our previous so it filled quickly. I stepped in and instantly hopped right back out. It […]

How do we carry a burden well?

I had a question for God. Why do I feel so burdened? And why am I handling it in a way that feels so overwhelming. God gave me a direct answer. So today’s post actually answers two questions. The first is the question I asked God. Is my burden right or wrong? And help me! The second is how to seek God in our questioning and respond to His answer. God will dialogue with us. He uses different methods based on our unique bent. But experiencing God changes us. Join me for today’s post where I trust you will see your own story in between the lines of my own.

When You Encounter God in a Dream & He Says Be Ready

When you encounter God in a dream, you want that dream back instantly. You want to hang onto every detail, image and word. God gave me a dream. It was beautiful & incredible. I had to share it with you because I believe it’s a message for each of us. Don’t miss what He’s speaking in this season.