Bloom Where Planted, But Wait For The Right Season

The tree boasted in its full blooms, having crossed over from white buds to pink blossoms. Standing tall and proud against the Carolina blue sky, it let the world know it was moving from winter to spring. No more waiting. The time was the present.

The tree had the support of its neighboring flowers and shrubs. They all seemed ready to put winter to death and host new life. Sights and sounds of spring abounded.

The only problem was the fact that it was the first few days of February in the South. It could be 70 one day and 35 the next. A week of warm could easily precede two weeks of winter temperatures.

As I drove by one of my favorite trees last year, as we prepared to move from the South to the Midwest, I commented to the boys, “The tree is confused by the cues its receiving from the weather. It thinks the time to bloom is now. The tree is putting itself in danger because it’s blooming out of season.”

“Early blooming can be extremely stressful for trees, especially if temperatures are mild one day then plunge the next. When this happens, new growth is shocked by the sudden freeze and could be damaged.

Fruit and flower buds are especially vulnerable. If they’re hit by cold temperatures after flowering, they may not be able to bloom again later in the year because they’ve already exerted their energy.” What Happens If Trees Bud Too Early

The South is notorious for displaying trees and flowers that bloom before their time. At heart I’m a Southerner. I can relate. Settling into my seasons is hard for me at times. Especially when everywhere I look it seems everyone else seems to have moved on to bigger and better.

It takes patience and trust to wait for spring to arrive in our lives. We spend the winter waiting to bust out. At the first hints of spring, we throw open the doors and windows and let the world know we are ready.

Yet there is fruit grown in the winter of our souls if we allow the proper resting period. The fruit of patience grows in the harsh conditions of winter. As patience grows we grow closer to the Lord. We patiently listen for His voice to guide our growth. When the world around us births new life, if we wait on His Voice rather than the cues of the world around us, lasting growth and strength will be the reward.

“Every year, trees maintain a set growth cycle, and they rely on the weather to keep them on track. Certain trees need to rest in cool temperatures before they can safely produce new growth in spring.

When the dormant season is interrupted by unseasonal elements, trees begin to grow as though spring has arrived. They start sprouting leaves, flowers and fruits–no matter how short the resting period was.” What Happens If Trees Bud Too Early

Waiting isn’t easy. Waiting in winter can be painful. Yet the winter seasons of our lives provide the rest we need to bloom and thrive when our season truly arrives.

Too many of us fight to bloom before it’s our time. We are restless and itching for more.

Last week I read an article published on Focus on the Family that ministered to me in such a timely way- Sandra Stanley: Why I Said No. Reading this article came as I prayed asking God for direction in a world that speaks so loudly I find it hard to hear anything, especially His still, small voice.

The Lord brought to mind my favorite tree, beautiful for the world to see far too early to last.

In a world where we see every big thing our friends do, may we choose to celebrate the small moments we were made for. Deep soul satisfaction comes in living a quiet life, poured out at the feet of the cross. His “well done, my good and faithful servant” is the treasure we seek. May we exchange the instant gratification of the admiration of the world for the quiet whispers of our Father.

Let us choose a thriving life over a quick bloom. It won’t match the worlds around us. It won’t compete with the achievements of those in our circles of influence. But it wasn’t meant to. We were created for His good pleasure. Let Him do what He will.

“The righteous thrive like a palm tree
and grow like a cedar tree in Lebanon.
Planted in the house of the Lord,
they thrive in the courts of our God.
They will still bear fruit in old age,
healthy and green,
to declare: “The Lord is just;
He is my rock,
and there is no unrighteousness in Him.”’

Psalm 92:12-15

Entertain Your Kids For Hours – And Feel Good About It


About 5 years ago, Jacob received what I consider one of the best Christmas gifts he’s ever received. The radio theater presentation of The Chronicles of Narnia.

My boys have always loved the Narnia series. When they were young, we read the picture book versions. They also have the boxed set they’ve read countless times.

From the time they were about 1, 4, and 6, our boys have listened to hours upon hours of this radio theater collection. It’s never gotten old. It’s been on long car rides (22 hours of drama). It’s provided hours of entertainment during the long hot days of summer. It’s warmed hearts on snowy days. It’s listened to at night as they wind down for bed. It’s played when they clean their rooms. It’s taken the place video games would like to hold.

My boys go through phases with everything. Everything except Narnia. This is no ordinary audiobook. It’s not a reading of the books. It’s an actual drama presentation. As you listen, you are swept away into the land only the mind of C.S. Lewis could create.

This set is targeted for ages 8-12, but in my opinion, it crosses all ages. Adults and children of all ages will be entertained, enlightened, and inspired through this collection.

When Jacob received this set for Christmas, we had no idea how well-loved it would be in our home.

The other night as Zachary wound down for bed, he said, “Mom, I don’t know why, but when I listen to these CD’s, they just seem to calm me. I feel so relaxed and at peace.” Over the weeks, he has begun to share the connections he is making to his spiritual life and what he is listening to.

What we feed our mind, we feed our soul. What a privilege to intentionally invest in feeding the hearts, souls, and minds of our children. 

If you are looking to stock up for the summer on intentional tools to pass the time while investing in the hearts and minds of your children, I highly recommend this set. It would be a great “Happy Summer and great job this school year!” gift. I also think it’s a great gift to give the recent grad who will be heading off to college, possibly spending hours in the car. If you are taking a cross country trip, this will absolutely captivate your kids, and you will hear far fewer ‘are we there yet’s?’


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A 4th of July Family Tradition That Could Change The World

As we celebrate our country’s independence today, I would like to encourage you to spend time praying with your family today for our nation.  It’s a family tradition that could change the world.  Imagine the impact of families around the world praying together for our nation.  May our hearts be filled with gratitude today for the men and women who have sacrificed their lives to bring us the freedom we enjoy today.  May we thank God for protecting us and blessing us the way He has.

The following links provide wonderful inspiration and reflection on what we are celebrating each 4th of July.  Andy Stanley is one of the most gifted communicators I’ve ever listened to.  The messages are brief but incredibly rich, and I can’t think of a better way to begin our 4th of July celebrations than to listen to these messages, reflect on what God has done for us, and pray for our nation.

If your children are old enough to listen to a sermon for about 20 minutes, I would encourage you to listen to these together as a family.

A New Look At America’s Christian Heritage Part I

A New Look At America’s Christian Heritage Part II

I hope your 4th of July is full of fun memories with friends and family!