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It’s Time To Take Back Ground – Are You With Me?

“What if what we need….is to go back to remembering who God is?” The weight of that question laid over us like the blankets cocooning us against the howling Lake Michigan wind. Huddled like teens away at camp, the questions from deep within bounced back and forth between us. With tenderness we held the holiness […]

8 Simple Ways to Get Life Back on Track

I’m not going to lie. Winter in Nebraska was hard for our family. The winter seasons of our lives usher in discouragement and doubt, creating a sense of urgency to change everything and quick. In the never-ending winter, I was tempted to make drastic changes, yet I knew it wasn’t wise. Instead of making drastic […]

If you believe this, it could change your life

I can’t think of a time I’ve felt compelled to drop everything and write. Immediately. Right now. Because it is that important. I’m also aware that I broke numerous grammar rules, which I always find funny about how I write considering I’m a rule follower. I digress. When God shows me something, I feel this […]

What Role Do We Play After We Pray?

  To listen to the audio version of today’s post, click this link.  So they broke camp to cross the Jordan River. The priests who carried the ark of the promise went ahead of the people. (The Jordan overflows all its banks during the harvest season.) When the priests who were carrying the ark came to […]

7 Symptoms of a Distracted Life and How To Break Free

“Mom! What are you doing? This isn’t a road!!!” “Oh my goodness! What have I done??” I hit the brakes hard darting my eyes swiftly to see how many people were watching me at this most embarrassing moment. Leaving a soccer game many years ago when my boys were still in booster seats and car […]