Should Christians Celebrate Halloween

It’s a controversial topic in the christian world. It’s a topic I receive an enormous amount of negative response on. People naturally become very defensive. With that being said, this article is not for everyone. I’m not sharing for debate. I settled this 16 years ago with the Lord and have never regretted my decision. Should Christians celebrate Halloween? What does the Bible have to say about Halloween? Shouldn’t we use it as an outreach? If you have questioned your decision to participate in Halloween as a believer, I invite you to read the rest of this post. If you feel total peace and don’t care to hear anymore on this topic, feel free to skip this one. Regardless of your position, I love you. I don’t stand in judgement. I’m simply sharing my views and journey.

New Scripture Pillowcases For Kids

Brand new scripture pillowcase designs for boys and girls who need to be reminded not to be afraid!

3 keys to keeping hope alive

The thoughts we allow our minds to ruminate on direct our feelings and actions. As I was reading my Bible, I found 3 keys to taking charge of my thoughts in order to rekindle hope and restore peace.

Don’t Flee – Stay

We’ve all been in that place of asking God for direction. What do we do? Where do we go? How often are we asking Him, yet we know exactly what we plan to do and where we plan to go? We just want Him to validate our own plans. When times are trying, or fears are high, we are even more tempted to run. To find a place where life feels easier. Jeremiah 42 has become one of my favorite passages. Join me for a closer look at God’s answer to His people when they asked for His direction.

Before you solve your problem – Wait

My nature is to problem solve. I’m a fixer and a doer. Recently, I’ve been reminded how my nature, if not tended well,  can hinder the work of God.

We had a situation that needed a solution. We knew the logical solution, but realized if we slowed down, we could invite God into the problem and watch Him work.

Rather than wait with anxiety, I found myself waiting with excitement for God’s answer.

4 Day Golf and Hiking Arizona Itinerary

We often gift a family vacation rather than Christmas gifts to our kids. Sometimes the trips happen right away. Other times they are delayed. On Christmas morning 2020, we wrapped a few clue gifts for our kids to unwrap. We wrapped a cactus, a small toy airplane, and other small hints. Eventually they guessed we […]