An update on where you will hear from me from

I’ve written on WordPress since Andrew was born- 15 years! Blogging has my heart. When my babies were babies, I avoided social media because I wanted to be fully present. They’d go to bed, and I would read blogs and write my own. It was a way to keep our families updated on our lives. […]

The Fragile Seasonality of Life

I snapped this picture one fall between the change of seasons. It made me reflect on the seasonality of life.

These three trees represent distinct seasons, all beautiful in their own right. As one tree stands naked, it is ready for a season of rest and preparation to carry its new leaves. As one tree stands tall and vibrant, it glories in its beauty and blesses all who stop to notice. Yet, it prepares to release its leaves as it journeys into the next phase of life. And the evergreen. It doesn’t hold quite the seasonality of its friends, but it’s a constant steadiness and reminder that regardless of the season, beauty and goodness remain. In the harshest of winter, this evergreen remains unwavering. In fact, when the world around it is covered in snow, I appreciate the beauty of the evergreen more than any other time.

Our family is between seasons. Join me for some news about what is next for the Robinsons!

The Payoff of Patience + Persistence

To get what we want, we have to be persistent. Also to get what we want, we must often be patient. I found a beautiful story in 1 Kings 18 of how the balance of patience and persistence really pays off in the long run. What in your life do you feel you keep asking God for yet you see no change? I have something I cry out to God about all the time. Today’s story encouraged me to keep persisting while also seeing the movements of God I may be missing along the way. Join me for today’s devotion. If you prefer audio, simply hit the play button for a 3 minute listen.

Why is the invitation to come so hard to receive?

Jesus invites us to come to Him. What an incredible invitation. Turns out His invitation to come is one of the hardest for me to accept. Send me an invitation with an attached to do list, I’ll attack that list and come with my productivity to offer. To simply come means I don’t need to […]

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween

It’s a controversial topic in the christian world. It’s a topic I receive an enormous amount of negative response on. People naturally become very defensive. With that being said, this article is not for everyone. I’m not sharing for debate. I settled this 16 years ago with the Lord and have never regretted my decision. Should Christians celebrate Halloween? What does the Bible have to say about Halloween? Shouldn’t we use it as an outreach? If you have questioned your decision to participate in Halloween as a believer, I invite you to read the rest of this post. If you feel total peace and don’t care to hear anymore on this topic, feel free to skip this one. Regardless of your position, I love you. I don’t stand in judgement. I’m simply sharing my views and journey.

New Scripture Pillowcases For Kids

Brand new scripture pillowcase designs for boys and girls who need to be reminded not to be afraid!